The Municipality of Glyfada gives the opportunity to the professionals of the city to be presented free of charge with videos and photos, through the site of

This is a move that aims to strengthen and stimulate the local market and at the same time to facilitate the citizens and residents so that they can quickly and easily find products and services from shops and professionals of Glyfada.

The process is simple: Professionals will be able to send text, photos and videos which will be listed in the category they belong to in alphabetical order.

The municipality is helping businesses and professionals to have an online presence by providing them with an online directory application, completely free of charge.

They will be able to send material (address, contact details, detailed description, as well as photos and videos of the services they offer) which will be collected by the Support Team of the Municipality of Glyfada’s Market Guide and published.

With easy navigation procedures citizens will be able to find professionals by category and also by distance from their location.

In addition, they will also appear in searches from popular search engines as the platform will inform about any additions or changes.

The citizen-business connection is possible both via computer and mobile phone as the web application is fully adapted for use on mobile phones as well.

This way, we connect businesses with thousands of citizens who would not have access to them otherwise. The result of this move will be local shopping activity stimulation, as citizens are better informed about the services provided by local professionals.

The implementation of an online directory of businesses operating in the city is an offer of the municipality to both professionals and ordinary citizens.

To be registered for free in the Market Guide of the Municipality of Glyfada, send text, photos, contact numbers, address, your website, if you have one, or your facebook page, to the following email address: